Update May 01, 2024:
Some statistics on ECSC
Update April 22, 2024 — final results:
Retro solving final results
Fairy solving final results
Open final results, norms, WSC points and standings
ECSC final results teams and individuals, norms
Update April 21, 2024:
Retro solving preliminary results
ECSC preliminary results,
all the problems and solutions
ECSC first impressions from first day
ECSC first day: problems, solutions
Open final results
Fairy solving preliminary results
Update April 19, 2024:
preliminary results, problems, solutions
Update April 15, 2024:
dule updated, room info added
Update Mar 21, 2024:
See info concerning fairy solving
Update Feb 08, 2024:
New schedule for Open: start April 19, 17:00!
Update Feb 03, 2024:
New closing date for registration March 15, 2024!

Welcome to the website ecsc2024.de for all relevant information on the 17th European Chess Solving Championship to be held in Hagen, Germany from April 19 till April 21, 2024.

Here you will find all the relevant details for your participation. So of course you may register here for the different solving tourneys, you may buy an ECSC2024 T-shirt and will find information on hotels and restaurants, on travelling to Hagen and to the FernUniversität where the ECSC will be held.

We invite you to learn about the history of the city of Hagen, the FernUniversität and its beautiful environment.

In the course of the Championship additionally you will find here all the result of the tourneys and the problems to be solved.

Now have a fine time here on this site — and we will meet at Hagen in April!

All the best for all of you!
Torsten Linß on behalf of the organization team ECSC2024