Dortmund Airport

serverd by many low-cost airlines, 45-60 min away by public transport (take shuttle bus to Holzwickede, from there train to Hagen)

Dusseldorf Airport

main airport for the region, 1:15-1:30 hours away by train

Cologne Airport

1:15-1:30 hours away by train

Frankfurt Airport

2 hours by highspeed train, regular airlines offer rail-&-fly


Hagen (main station)

is located on the main train lines connecting Cologne with
Hannover/Berlin and Frankfurt/Cologne with Hamburg, services running hourly


Main motoways: A1 and A45

Local public transport

  • Bus 515 connects the main station, the city centre with FernUni and (in opposite direction) with Arcadeon/Quartier82
    Bus 527 connects Mercure with FernUniversität
    prices: 3 EUR per ride, daily ticket for the city 7.60 EUR for a single person
    (11.40/15.20/19.00/22.80 EUR for 2/3/4/5 persons)
    tickets availabe from the bus driver